Case Study

E-7030 Salem, OR


  • Chemawa Indian School Campus – Salem, OR – Marion County

Tank Size & Style

  • 150,000 Gallon Pedesphere Elevated Water Tank

Project Description

  • Caldwell is proud to provide our resources that promote the continuation of the Chemawa Indian School's values of meeting the needs of Alaskan Natives and Native American youth and presenting modern study opportunities. Caldwell dedicated over 300 days and 2,300 miles, while using over 156 tons of steel and over 155 cubic yards of concrete to expediently design and build this 190-foot tall tank so the school could open on-time with the necessary water supply and fire protection. Coupling Caldwell's outstanding performance on this project with the indispensable education on water tanks provided throughout the project, a relationship with this general contractor was gained that is sure to result in future projects together. All construction aspects of this project met all governing agencies' construction standards and methods and, in addition, Caldwell successfully met or exceeded all of the owner's construction quality expectations for this project.

Project Type

  • Government – Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs

Contract Value

  • $790,000

General Contractor

  • Emerick Construction Company - Portland, OR

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