Case Study

E-6539 Clermont Co., OH


  • Goshen Township - Milford, OH - Clermont County

Tank Size & Style

  • 2,000,000 Gallon Fluted Column Elevated Water Tank

Project Description

  • Requiring 590 days, Caldwell constructed this tank utilizing over 140 tons of steel and 845 cubic yards of concrete. This tank's mammoth amount of steel and its magnificent 4-color coating system helped earn it the 2009 Tank of the Year as presented by the Steel Tank Institute/Steel Plate Fabricators Association. Caldwell's performance on this project was outstanding as exhibited by our ability to expediently design the foundation and steel components of the project, order material, install the foundation, fabricate steel components, erect the welded steel structure, apply the protective coatings system, and install electrical components of the project. All construction aspects of this project met all governing agencies' construction standards and methods.

Project Type

  • Government

Contract Value

  • $3,725,000

Consulting Engineer

  • Clermont County Water & Sewer District Engineer - Batavia, OH

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