Case Study

E-3758 Louisville Slugger Monument


  • "Louisville Slugger Bat" – Louisville, KY – Jefferson County

Tank Size & Style

  • 120 foot tall Specialty Welded Steel Construction

Project Description

  • Caldwell is honored to have teamed with a local heritage firm, Hillerich and Bradsby also in Louisville, KY, to construct the world's largest baseball bat. It stands 120-ft-tall, weighs an astounding 34 tons, has a 9-foot-in-diameter barrel, 6.5-foot-in-diameter knob, and is modeled after the 35-inch long, 40-ounce "Louisville Slugger" bat that Babe Ruth used in 1927. On October 21, 1995, this super structure was transported from the Caldwell manufacturing facility along a dedicated, pre-planned route and then hoisted into its 14-ft-square foundation near the corner of Eighth and Main Streets in downtown Louisville. While it appears as though the bat is actually leaning against the nearby building, it actually is over 14-inches away and is completely independent from any nearby structure. This amazing engineering feat has even been called, "the eighth wonder of the world."

Project Type

  • Private - Hillerich and Bradsby

General Contractor

  • Caldwell Tanks, Inc. - Louisville, KY

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