Case Study

E-6990 Loudoun Co., VA (Goshen Road Tank #1)
E-6991 Loudoun Co., VA (Goshen Road Tank #2)


  • Goshen Road - Dulles, VA - Loudoun County

Tank Size & Style

  • Two (2) 3,000,000 Gallon CET Elevated Water Tanks

Project Description

  • This project offered growth and development for Caldwell and the owner, Loudoun County. These two side-by-side tanks were the first tanks of their capacity fabricated and constructed by Caldwell as well as the largest in the owner's system. The goal of this project was to provide storage capacity for a rapidly developing area in the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area. Requiring 910 days, Caldwell is constructing these tanks utilizing 83 tons of rebar in the foundation and shaft and over 480 tons of steel per tank; plus over 1,700 cubic yards (190 truck loads) of concrete per tank (shaft & foundation combined). A unique feature of this project was that one of the concrete pedestals also will house the project's booster pumping station and plumbing work.

Project Type

  • Government

Contract Value

  • $10,305,000

Consulting Engineer

  • Hazen and Sawyer – Baltimore, MD

Fast Facts

  • 1/16' corrosion allowance in design
  • 153'-6" to High Water Level; 165' overall height
  • 116' welded steel tank diameter x 45' tank head range
  • 64' diameter concrete shaft (12" wall thickness)
  • 72" access tube through the inside center of tank
  • 24" inlet/outlet pipe and 12" overflow pipe
  • 12' x 14' overhead door and a 36" x 84" man door
  • Complete Active Mixing System
  • Cathodic protection
  • SCADA antenna on roof

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