Case Study

Leesburg, VA - Carr #2 Elevated Water Storage Tank


  • Fort Evans Rd & Battlefield Rd - Leesburg, VA - Loudoun County

Tank Size & Style

  • One (1) 1,500,000 Gallon TB Elevated Water Tank

Project Description

  • This was a second tank built next to an existing tank circa 1978 and the owner wished for the new tank to resemble the existing tank. With the existing tank so close to the new tank, the new tank required a full containment system during the blasting and painting operations. Requiring 570 days, Caldwell constructed this tank utilizing over 360 tons of steel in the tank and tower and nearly 15 tons of rebar; plus 515 cubic yards (58 truck loads) of concrete in the foundation.

Consulting Engineer

  • Hazen and Sawyer - Baltimore, MD

Fast Facts

  • 1/16' corrosion allowance in design
  • 94'-3" to High Water Level with (12) 36' diameter plumb columns yielding an overall height of 111'
  • 91' tank diameter x 35' tank head range
  • 12' dry riser up to the bottom center of the tank
  • 16" inlet/outlet pipe and 12" overflow pipe
  • Complete Hydrodynamic Mixing System
  • Cathodic protection
  • Antenna provisions on the roof

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