Case Study

E-7006 Galveston, TX (Isla Del Sol Tank)


  • Isla Del Sol Drive – Galveston, TX – Galveston County

Tank Size & Style

  • 2,000,000 Gallon CET Elevated Water Tank with a High Water Level (HWL) of 165 ft, a concrete shaft diameter of 56 ft, a welded steel tank diameter of 98 ft, and an operating head range of 40 ft.

Project Description

  • In Spring 2009, Galveston City staff submitted an application for federal stimulus money for multiple "Shovel-ready" projects. This Isla Del Sol water tower project was approved along with the Jamaica Beach water tower, a 16-inch water line for 13 Mile Road to Jamaica Beach, and a few other projects. This tower project went out for bids on November 17th, 2009 and on December 10th 2009, Galveston City Council members approved spending the stimulus money for this water tower project. The notice to proceed was dated February 9th, 2010 to Caldwell Tanks, Inc. of Louisville, KY and the design work began. Foundation construction began early June 2010, with the concrete pedestal and dome construction completed by early October 2010. Field steel erection began shortly thereafter and the tank jacking ceremony was slated for Thursday, March 3, 2011. This water tower was placed in service the summer of 2011.

    In about 11,600 man-hours of work across 500 working days, Caldwell used over 440 tons of steel and over 15,000 cubic yards of concrete. This tank has the following notable attributes: 3'x7' fiberglass man door, 3'x7' fiberglass double door on balcony, 12'x12' overhead door, roof pod, 2 ton electric hoist, fire escape ladder, curved stairs up to a second and third floor as well as an aluminum handrail on the exterior balcony, Saf-T-Climb rail Fall Arrest system with rest platforms at 40 ft intervals from the third floor up to the tank.

Project Funding

  • Federal Stimulus Funded (Texas Water Development Board and American Recovery and Reinvestment Act)

Contract Cost

  • $6,643,000

Consulting Engineer

  • Dannenbaum Engineering Corp. - Houston, TX

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